Watching sports is one of the most popular entertainment options for the global population. The sheer amount of sport available to consume is amazing when you truly analyse it. On top of that, the array of platforms we can sample the biggest match-ups on is increasing on a regular basis too. One of the most common ways people watch sport is through sports streaming sites.

Whether you’re into English Championship soccer or you can’t miss a second of baseball, there are plenty of sites that host the biggest and best games. Sports streaming sites have always been prominent, but the general offering in this space has never been so good and is improving on an impressively regular basis. One minute you can be taking in Indian cricket, then the next you can tune into a relatively obscure soccer match in Iran. 

Online streaming is nothing new. In fact, it has been around since the early days of the internet. What is new, though, is the abundance of options people can access with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone device. Sports will always be a popular choice for people, but sports movie streaming and other content at Solar Movies is also a favourite with fans around the world, alongside the option of streaming music, a range of movies and television, and a load of other material online. Sports streaming sites are certainly one of the most in-demand streaming services, though. 

In case you’re keen to join the sports streaming revolution, here is a look at some of the top sites worth checking out. 


A particular favourite with fans of soccer, Fromhot is well designed and makes for a comfortable viewing experience. Arguably the most appealing aspect of Fromhot’s offering is its lack of advertisements, something which most other streaming websites promote a great deal. On top of this, the site is easy to grasp, and there is a comprehensive amount of sports ready to be accessed. The likes of golf, cycling, football, soccer, baseball, cricket, basketball and plenty of others can be easily accessed using the site. 


Stream2Watch is an established name in the sports streaming game. A popular choice with sports fans all around the world, Stream2Watch hosts practically every major sporting event going and in good quality. All of the matches available to watch can be found on the site’s homepage, alongside any team and player information too. You can make use of a variety of different video formats also, such as HD, 1080p, and Full HD.

The Best Sites to Stream Sports for Free


An Austrian-based sports streaming site, Laola1 is a solid option. Working on both computer and mobile, the site boasts a selection of sports content from every corner of the globe. With a Premier membership, users can enjoy all content in full HD resolution and with no ads. 


LiveTV is a great option for sports fans who are keen to consume everything in one place. Fans can access the latest breaking news from their favourite sport, fixture lists, pre-match reports, and a range of other information, all accompanying the live games and live streams the website hosts also. You don’t need to sign-up, it works on both android and iOS, and it’s easy to grasp. 


Offering excellent video quality from a range of the biggest and best sports around, Buffstreams is another hugely popular go-to option for fans of sports. Live streams from NFL, soccer, NBA, boxing, and a range of other sports can be enjoyed with ease on what is one of the best sports streaming sites around right now at the moment.