The Advantages of Betting on Football with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gone mainstream in the past few years, mainly as a way to invest and make big bucks. While it is undoubtedly volatile, that’s the beauty of it. Risks are not unheard of when investing money, but the upside is that you can make a fortune. Aside from being an investment opportunity, Bitcoin has also been used in numerous industries. More and more online merchants are starting to accept it, and it’s also one of the most popular options at sportsbooks.


Betting on football with Bitcoin has many advantages. From the decentralized system to the deposit speeds and the anonymous transactions, it’s time to step into a bold new era.

Football Betting with Bitcoin

Football is, hands-down, the most popular sport in the world. It’s all thanks to big leagues such as the Champions League, Premier League, and La Liga. These competitions enjoy global popularity and feature the most prominent football stars earning dozens of millions annually. They aren’t just superficially popular. These leagues are top-notch and offer exciting action that you can bet on.

With land-based shops all but gone, online sportsbooks have taken centre stage. While you can deposit with credit or debit cards or by using prepaid vouchers and e-wallets, some people just don’t want to use their bank details. In that case, using cryptocurrencies is a great alternative, even if many are afraid to do so.

The fact remains that cryptos operate in a grey legal zone. Many countries forbid their use, and where they are legal, their use is somewhat restricted. With that being said, if you have some in your Bitcoin wallet, it’s easier to use them to bet on football than ever.

Bitcoin betting with football is a great choice if you’re looking to stay anonymous. For a variety of reasons, people don’t want to make their sports betting public. Even if you bet under an imaginary username, your credit card records will still show up. But, not with Bitcoin. You can use the top cryptocurrency in the world to bet on football easily as long as you have the coins in your digital wallet.

Where Do I Buy Bitcoin?

While making a deposit at a football betting site with Bitcoin is a breeze, you should buy it first. You can’t just walk into a bank and exchange dollars or Euros for it. Bitcoin is bought from special crypto exchanges which operate legally in the biggest markets. There are many reputable exchanges these days that accept debit and credit cards, so you can buy Bitcoins and later bet on football.

Once you’ve got Bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them wherever accepted. Not all betting sites or merchants accept BTC, but the number is growing. It’s easy to find a Bitcoin football betting site these days. Once you join it and make a deposit, you can bet on whatever league or competition you fancy.

Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Legit?

Yes, they are. Of course, you should be careful which one you choose. There are still scam sites out there, so you need to stick to reputable exchanges that will sell you BTC properly. In fact, you should ONLY trust reputable exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance.

Their availability will vary depending on your location. The great thing about these exchanges is that they offer their crypto wallets, which you can use for free. They’re secure easy to use, and quite convenient if you’re eager to start betting on football with Bitcoin.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Football Sportsbook

Once you’ve got your shiny Bitcoin, it’s time to find the right football sportsbook. While it seems like an easy choice, it’s anything but.

  • Just like with exchanges, always stick to reputable betting sites. Choose worldwide brands that have football betting and accept Bitcoin if you want the best experience.
  • Find a sportsbook that has plenty of football markets. The more it has, the better. Of course, the odds should be competitive, too, so shop around to see which bookie has the most valuable odds.
  • It’s not a dealbreaker, but you should find a sportsbook with an app. Everyone has a mobile website, but apps offer a superior betting experience.
  • Check out the limits for Bitcoin and how the process goes. Take note of the withdrawal times, which should be fast as well.

As soon as you have the right sportsbook, all that remains is to fund your sportsbook account and start betting on your favourite football teams.

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