The 2006-07 Premier League season is a distant memory for most of us. In fact the only thing we really remember from back then was all those Chuck Norris facts (ever wondered if he really has won a game of Connect 4 in only three moves?).
But for one group of football fans, the 2006-07 season had one of those Quantum Leap/Closing Doors/Being Erica (whichever TV generation you were raised in) moments that changed the course of history forever. Those fans were from Sheffield United, and that moment was when Carlos Tevez scored the winner for West Ham against Manchester United in the final game of the season to send the Blades back to the Championship.
It was a bitter pill not just because of the relegation, but because it was later proven the Hammers were pretty much cheating just by having Tevez on the pitch. They were told to pay the Blades $20 million as a result – but crucially avoided being docked points.
To say Blades fans have been bitter since is a bit of an understatement… especially as they’re now
playing in League One while the Hammers are still loving top-flight life.
Why this long backstory you ask? Well, because it kind of explains why Blades fans were royally pissed off at Sky Sports last month when the company used a huge image of Tevez scoring THAT goal on a billboard directly outside Bramall Lane to promote the new season.
To put it in context, it would be like the NFL putting up a huge image of Tom Brady celebrating last
season’s NFL championship outside the Indiana Colts’ home ground. Or Alastair Cook taking a huge shit on Michael Clarke’s front doorstep.
Sky Sports said the billboard had been ‘unintentional and unfortunate’ and would be removed as soon as possible. Salt meet wound.