It seems time is finally catching up with Chelsea pensioner John Terry.
The first signs of dementia were there way back in 2012 when he seemed to forget he hadn’t actually played in the Champions League final and instead jumped and danced around with the team at the final whistle as if he’d kicked the winning goal.
But when he was substituted out of the game against Manchester City by bezzy mate Jose Mourinho for the first time in 6493 games, it finally confirmed his time was almost up.
At least JT has his mates to fall back on. Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have any. Trying to hump their
girlfriends will do that. And being a knob. But luckily for his Terryness, he can always rely on his other great passion – spending great huge chunks of money on cars.
And that’s apparently what he did to cheer himself up following his subbing, after buying a $1.5million Ferrari. We’re sure that will fill the void John – and we’re not talking about the one between your ears.