Tevez AWOL Update - Yep He's Still Not BackLast week Carlos Tevez accepted the fine handed out to him by Man City for his refusal to play in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich in September.

Keen to draw a line under the incident and begin the rehabilitation of his career and reputation he immediately pissed off to Buenos Aires without the club’s permission, thus incurring further disciplinary action and initiating a roll of the eyes from everyone in football.

Tevez hasn’t been seen or heard from since landing at the airport, but today his advisors informed Man City that he was still in Argentina, after he, again, missed training. Upon Tevez’s initial disappearance, Gordon Taylor of the PFA managed to (unintentionally) raise some laughs by saying that Tevez was ‘in danger of burning his bridges at Man City’ – but short of shagging Roberto Mancini’s wife it seems Tevez could not endear himself to his manager any less.

Tevez’s playing style had earned him the adoration of the supporters of the clubs he’s played for, but he has never been happy living in England and has complained numerous times about the weather, the lack of good restaurants, and how difficult it is living apart from his wife and daughters. It is thought that a move to Spain would suit Tevez due to the culture and the fact that his family would be willing to move there; but with his latest antics, rumours began to circulate that Man City will cancel his contract and withhold his registration in order to stop him from signing for another club.

Tevez’s footballing future remains uncertain, but what should concern him most is that his family only seem to love him if he lives in a country with nice weather.

By Peter Simpson

Twitter: @weasel_delight