Steve Bruce SackedSteve Bruce has finally won something: he’s come first in the Premiership sack race. The knuckle-face Geordie has been let go by Sunderland following a run of form which leaves them 2 points above the relegation zone.

Bruce had invested a decent amount in this summer’s transfer window, but sadly his group of Man Utd cast-offs could only manage 2 wins out of 13 league games – which, rather unsurprisingly, has been deemed ‘simply not good enough’ by chairman Ellis Short.

Bruce prided himself on being an old-school manager, and often made light of his unfamiliarity with technology. He frequently found it difficult to influence his team mid-game and seemed to not be the most tactically adept manager, instead preferring to rely on his motivational skills and prowling the touchline looking like a giant pork scratching in a tracksuit.

The usual suspects have been installed as favourites to replace Bruce – those being Mark Hughes and Martin O’Neill. That’s just what Sunderland need: someone who’ll piss off at the first sign of trouble.

By Peter Simpson
Twitter: @weasel_delight

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