IT’S four wins out of four on the British and Irish Lions’ tour of South Africa.
After a not-too-epic performance against the Cheetahs last weekend the Lions overcame the Sharks with a comfortable 39-3 victory – a record margin for this fixture.

With Quasimodo O’Driscoll leading the way, the Lions were hardly tested, scoring four unanswered second half tries. It wasn’t too much of a surprise – it is 11 attempts in which the Sharks have now failed to beat the Lions. But then again sharks can’t breathe out of water, so it’s hardly a fair contest. Making the rather predictable nature of the tie even worse was the fact that nine members of the Springbok squad were forced to sit out the game: meaning there was a considerable lack of crunch.
“I’m very pleased,” said coach Ian McGeechan.
“Very strong discipline, patience and I am very pleased that it was right through the 80 minutes.
“I thought we didn’t panic, we were just building a performance tonight and reaped the benefits in the second half. Our defence was outstanding, absolutely superb.”

Nadal’s knees are knackered

WIMBLEDON’S on the way. Which means a couple of things – listening to Sue Barker, plonkers endlessly pulling tarps back and forth all day in response to a deluge and the British ‘hope’ crashing out to someone ranked 317th.
This year, Rafael Nadal may not make the competition, as he is struggling with injury. The speed-server has begun a two week period of rehabilitation before the grass competition starts on June 22.
“I will give 200 per cent to be at 100 per cent for the most important date in world tennis,” said Nadal the other day, a bit confusingly. Word of advice mate, don’t bother trying to giver 200 per cent, that’s mathematically impossible.
“I will not go out and play on any court, let alone Centre Court at Wimbledon, if I am not 100 per cent.
“I have two difficult weeks ahead of me, especially because I won’t be doing what I like doing most, which is to play tennis.
“I will be working on my recovery through physiotherapy treatments as well as recovery work on the specific muscular area.”
The Spaniard was beaten in the fourth round of the French Open and later said he had played through pain. He’s been diagnosed with tendonitis and fluid in his knee caps.

On sale: 100million or nearest offer

BIZARRELY, some buyers are showing interest in Newcastle United Comedy Club.
Are they anarchists? Who knows.
The Singapore based group, known rather oddly as Profitable Group, has declared an interest in buying the beleaguered club. Former Liverpool footballer Steve McMahon is allegedly part of the group, who claim that they would keep Shearer as manager. They haven’t even made a formal offer and already they are making mistakes!

IN the end he ran away with it. That rather terrible and vague joke was in reference to Usain Bolt, who won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year.
And rightly bloody so considering that he won the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at last year’s Olympics. Would he win in a sack race though? That’s the real question.
“I am delighted to win this prestigious award and would like to thank everyone who voted for me,” said Bolt.
“It’s an honour to succeed such greats as Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.”
He received more votes than Michael Phelps, Rafael Nadal, Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi and Cristiano Ronaldo.