So, the World Cup has drawn to a close. And, apart from a few criticisms (bad refereeing, bad ball, those horns) it was generally successful and enjoyable…right? Well, wrong actually, had you tuned into SBS’s coverage of the games. Dragging BBM out of bed at 4.30am was bad enough, but to then have to listen to the bunch of muppets on the SBS panel giving ‘expert analysis’ was no laughing matter. Despite decent commentary from good old Martin Tyler, lets have a look where it all went a bit pear shaped.

Craig ‘he’s a twat’ Foster: This guy pretty much ruined any credibility that the SBS team could’ve mustered up. With a nasty orange tan and a completely unfounded cocky arrogance, Foster was surely the main perpetrator. Even when other ‘analysts’ were speaking, he was literally itching to get into the discussion, with a smirk on his face that said ‘You know nothing. Let me talk now.’

LES MURRAY: The self-proclaimed ‘Mr Football’. What were SBS thinking? He was meant to be the charismatic presenter who held the show together. Instead, what we got, was a confused old man, who struggled if he had to string more than two sentences together.

PAUL DEMPSEY: The third offender, presenting a portion of the other games was Brit, Paul Dempsey. While Dempsey’s willing and professionalism could not be faulted, he had about as much personality and charisma as a dead fish. And did anyone notice he sounded identical to Alan ‘smell my cheese’ Partidge? Hardly somebody you could take seriously.

SBS did well in sealing the rights to all the games, but serious discussion, analysis, and even a spot of much needed banter were visibly missing throughout the month-long football fest. Yes, BBM has grown up watching BBC’s undeniably outstanding coverage, so the Aussie counterparts have big shoes to fill. But please, please, please SBS, get rid of these bunch of morons in time for 2014 and someone give Craig Foster a job presenting You’ve Been Framed or Supermarket Sweep, and get him out of that studio pronto.