Let’s play “You’re the ref”. You’ve used your yellow card, but there’s still trouble flaring. You’ve used your red card, but that only seemed to make matters worse. What should a referee pull out of his pocket next if there’s still trouble a-brewing?
In Brazilian Gabriel Murta’s case – a gun. The trigger-happy amateur referee whipped out his piece (so to speak) in an amateur game in Brumadinho, in Brazil’s southeast, after feeling threatened during a tense match.
As a result, Murta – who is a policeman in his full-time job – will undergo a psychological assessment.
Murta claims he was kicked and punched by a player from Amantes da Bola, one of the teams involved. He hit back action-movie style, liberating his little friend and looking as though he was going to use it.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons