Redknapp Opens Up ‘Rosie47’, As Harry Claims Cockney DiscriminationWell Harry Redknapp, we all know your secrets. Cheating on your wife? Secret Murder? Nope, even more humiliating. Old ‘Arry has only been revealed to have taken out an account in Monaco in his dog’s name! The account, titled ‘Rosie 47’ is the combination of his dogs name and date of birth. This account has been linked to the court case with Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, with Mandaric apparently paying different payments linked to outside of football into this account. Redknapp denied this at first, but Jurors heard that Redknapp’s signature is the only one that has been traced to the account. Has anyone quizzed Rosie on this? Her account has been hacked into; she could easily hire Max Clifford and sue Harry for that!

Meanwhile in another statement by Mr Redknapp, he also stated that he is being targeted because of his Cockney accent and his name. I just think Roberto Mancini is paying the jurors off to put him off challenging Manchester City for the Premier League, good tactic Roberto it seemed to work well last weekend!

By Jason Barr

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