Piggy in the middleWe hate bullying and name-calling here at BBM, which is why we were shocked and appalled when we found out that piggy-faced fat bastard snooker star, Shaun Murphy, has been subjected to a barrage of cruel ‘fat boy’ jibes on Twitter.

The 29-year-old future heart disease patient is taking part in a gruelling half marathon immediately after the World Championship in May to raise money for the Paul Hunter charity foundation. We’re sure he could probably raise the same money if he just gave up Mars bars for a month.

“I get some compliments,” Murphy lied. “But I also get a lot of abuse on there as well, not nice stuff.

“It’s not right just to abuse people from sitting on a bus or behind a desk, the law of the land must prevent that.

“I don’t deserve to be abused on Twitter for being overweight. But that is the world we live in. People are judging everything we say and do.”

Twitter has sparked a wave of controversy in the usually boring-as-paint-drying game with stars Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams both facing disciplinary charges for use of foul language on the site.

World No.6 Murphy added: “In a world where your comments can be accessed by kids, who might see you as some kind of role model, there has to be common sense.

“It’s not the topic discussed, everyone should be entitled to their opinion, but there can be no excuse for bad language where kids are concerned.”

The fat porker lost in the final of the BGC Masters last month to Aussie champion Neil Robertson. So not only is Murphy a giant tub of lard, he’s also let down the entire country. You make us sick Shaun.

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