No longer the Darlings of the north-eastRemember when Darlington thought they’d signed Tino Asprilla? How we laughed when the chairman announced the deal only for Asprilla not to bother turning up. It was almost as funny as when Kevin Keegan was Newcastle boss and proudly declared he could sign any player in the world – then duly bought Tino Asprilla.

What about the time the Quakers built a 25,000 capacity stadium – despite the fact they’ve never even managed to fill even half of the capacity. Hilarious.

Well spare a thought for Darlington fans this month as the 128-year-old club are still dicing with death after coming within seconds of folding last month.

Former caketaker boss Craig Liddle and his remaining 10 players were summoned to the Northern Echo Arena at midday in mid-January to be told by the club’s administrator, Harvey Madden, that he had failed to agree a rescue plan and the club would fold.

But a few minutes later, a group of fans and local businessman calling themselves the Darlington FC Rescue Group (DFCRG) arrived with £50,000 and pleaded with the administrator for more time. And after an overseas supporter pledged another £150,000, Madden agreed a short term deal that will allow the matches for the rest of January to go ahead.

Steve Weeks, a member of the Rescue Group, said: ”Fans have to realise this is just the beginning and we now need their support more than ever. If this town really wants a football club, now is the time to show how much they care.”

Considering how indifferent the Darlington public have been to the campaign so far, we expect the club to have gone under by the time you read this.

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