jose_mourinho__mana_210478cHEY! When the bejaysus did England stop being THE force in European club football?
No sooner have Liverpool been laughed out of the all-important Not-really-champions Champions League, than Chelsea get spanked by former boss Jose Mourinho’s Inter.
Even more weirdly, it turns out we are still the dominant Euro force – with Italy and Spain only bringing one club each to the final eight. And France don’t count.
Chelsea went down 1-0 at home, and 3-1 on aggregate, with Didier Drogba sent off in the process.
The best bit, though, happened before the tie when Mourinho gave us a slice of the ‘comedy bad guy’ shtick that he used to do so well at Chelsea.
“Chelsea move on. I move on,” he said diplomatically, before adding. “I keep winning important things, they keep winning…something. They won an FA Cup.”
Very good Jose, although one Serie A league title is hardly a huge trophy haul now is it.
Alas, time the old enemy, has beat us in terms of printing the draw for the next round (it was due to take place on Friday, March 19th) but the final eight are: Inter, Man Utd, Arsenal, Bordeaux, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, CSKA Moscow and Lyon. And no Real Madrid. Haha!