Never mind birds, the AFL Hawthorn Hawks and West Coast Eagles make us think of food. Confused? Here’s why we’ll be thinking about minted lamb and German sausage when they hit the MCG this Saturday 3rd October for the AFL Grand Final.
Luke Breust, Hawthorn
Did someone say Bratwurst? Well, it is Oktoberfest.
Jamie Cripps, West Coast Eagles
We’ll have 2 packets, please.
Shaun Burgoyne, West Coast Eagles
Bring us some beef, a bottle of red wine, some garlic and onion and we’ve got ourselves a Shaun Bourguignon.
Cyril Rioli, Hawthorn
Yeah, we wouldn’t have Cyril smothered in sauce, but ravioli would be nice.
Dylan Main, West Coast Eagles
He comes between starter and dessert.
Matthew Suckling, Hawthorn
BBM’s missus thinks he’s a bit of a Babe – we think so too but for completely different reasons.
Tom Lamb, West Coast Eagles
Oh, come on – too easy!
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