HIS impromptu netball skills denied Ireland a World Cup place, then he was there to watch as the French team imploded under the weight of their own arrogance.

Now it seems the once-great Thierry Henry’s fall from grace is complete after he announced he’s joining the New York Red Bulls.

“Some people might think I am going to go there for vacation – I do actually go there for vacation – but it won’t be for vacation this time,” Henry said. “I’m a competitor and I don’t like to lose. This marks an exciting new chapter in my career and life.”

Sorry Thierry, it looks like you’re running away from Europe and the many, many people who you’ve pissed off recently.

By a twist of fate, the Arsenal legend is expected to make his Red Bulls’ debut on Thursday (July 22) in an exhibition against Tottenham.

As is the natural order of things in football, Spurs will naturally want to kill him at the first legal opportunity. If Robbie ‘Oyland’ Keane is playing as well, expect Thierry to get kicked right up his va-va-voom at some stage.