colin-farrell-triageCRICKET: The usually reserved and self-conscious Kevin Pietersen has told his fellow England cricketers that if they don’t go suckling at teat of the IPL cash cow, they’re pretty much traitors to the nation. Sort of.
In his usual modest way, Pietersen (pictured) genuinely seems to believe that he’s doing England a favour by playing in the IPL, but stopped short of saying anyone who didn’t was letting the side down.
“I was speaking to Paul Collingwood and we’d have liked to have had our bowlers here learning,” said Pietersen, referring to Stuart Broad and James Anderson’s decision to opt out and concentrate on getting fully fit for the World Twenty20 later this month.
“A lot of our players should definitely have put their names in the hat.”
That’s right Kev, just like David Beckham did his international hopes a big favour by ‘staying sharp’ in the megabucks MLS.