Funny-sandwiches-02IF there’s one thing this World Cup needs it’s more exposure.
Whether people are on the toilet, having sex or being held at gunpoint by masked terrorists, it’s clearly important to FIFA that absolutely no-one on the planet should be unaware of just what’s kicking off in South Africa right now.
The message has been rammed down the world’s throat – and literally so in England.
Even snacking on a sandwich back in Blighty has been turned into a trip to the terraces, after Tesco’s latest promotion.
The supermarket giants have invented a packaged sandwich that sings ‘Ole, Ole, Ole’ when you open it.
Tesco food developer Laura Fagan said: “We think the sandwiches will be popular snacks for anyone wanting to see the lunchtime or afternoon games and for that reason we wanted to offer fans something substantial.”
So you weren’t thinking of the extra sales it would get from all the free publicity then Laura?