laroux3SAY what you like about Paul Scholes, the word ‘gingernut’ is always first in our mind, but he’s a freaking good footballer.
OK, he doesn’t score as many as Steeeeevie Gerrard or ‘Lamps’ but he doesn’t give it away as much either and would have been an incredibly valuable asset to have tucked away for the World Cup.
And it sounds like we could have had him as well – if Fabio Capello had just asked a bit earlier. Capello tried to coax several retired players into flying to South Africa but Scholes (pictured right) said no and decided to go on holiday instead. We’re sure he won’t regret that decision later in life.
“It’s a big decision and I wasn’t really given enough time to think about it, so I decided not to take up the offer,” said carrot-top.
“If they’d asked me earlier I probably would have accepted.”
He added: “I haven’t been involved for a long time. It wasn’t a case of wanting to go on holiday, it was the fact I got the call so close to the tournament.
“Also I didn’t want to take the place of someone who helped get England to South Africa. The idea just didn’t sit comfortably with me.”