Aston Villa hero-turned-wanker Fabian Delph copped a barrage of abuse when he became one of the first rats to flee the sinking ship at Villa Park last year.
Of course he didn’t help himself by telling fans he’d axed a deal with Manchester City out of loyalty – before signing for City the following week. But it seems the harsh words of Villa fans aren’t the only things still haunting flip-flopping Fabian – he’s also regularly spooked by ghosts.
“I see ghosts all the time,” he babbled. “I think I’ve seen four. When I first signed for Villa I stayed in a hotel and there were a lot of things moving in the room. A lot of bangs – it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And about four months ago in my house I saw two ghosts in the bedroom. I haven’t got a clue (who they are). I don’t think they’re there to harm me but I’ve definitely seen them.”
Don’t worry Fabian, it was probably just the ghost of your England career after you decided to ditch game time at Villa to count cash on City’s bench.
Photo Credit: Qside