Alessandro Del PieroAfter winning the World Cup in 2006, the Italian national team were heralded as returning messiahs by their arse-pinching, cappucino-breath brethren. The players names were chanted in awe up and down the streets of Rome, Naples, Milan and Placido da Domingo.

But Alessandro del Piero took his status as sporting deity to a new level last month when he used his messianic status to cure a girl of a brain hemorrhage.

Italian schoolgirl Giada Scalise, 12, suffered a brain hemorrhage on January 22nd while watching her beloved Juventus on TV at her home in the southern city of Crotone.

She lapsed into a coma, and after several weeks of making no progress her parents got in touch with the prolific striker to ask for his help.
Del Piero happily obliged by sending a recorded message, which was played repeatedly at Giada’s bedside: “Hello Giada, this is Alessandro del Piero. I hope you’ll wake up and come back to us as soon as possible to watch many of our games.”

Usually, the prospect of watching the traditional Italian game, which consists of defenders casually passing it between each other on the edge of their own box for 90 minutes, would be enough to put any football fan in a coma. But, amazingly, it worked.

Within days Giada began to stir, and she was soon speaking again and even demanding ice cream (presumably a cornetto) to help her recuperation. Her dad, Francesco, is convinced that the star’s intervention was the key to his daughter regaining consciousness. All hail Del Piero – the king of kings!

Of course, an ability to cure and heal isn’t the only thing Del Piero has in common with our Lord Jesus. He’s also good on the end of crosses. Arf!

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