anfieldofdreams“A-HEE-HEE! Looks like we got ourselves a Wild West shoot-out boys! Now quit ya hollering, getcha guns and start shooting at anything wearing the stars and stripes. We’s facing a good old fasheened American Civil War right here in Liverpool, Ingerland! A-hee-hee!”
Yes on one side of the OK Coral that is Anfield we have those grizzled gold prospectors George Gillett and Tom Hicks, still trying to prize every last nugget of money out of the rich seam that is Liverpool FC.
On the other we have lone ranger Martin Broughton, chairman, and his posse of new owners (in waiting) New England Sports Ventures, who also own the Boston Red Sox rounders team.
The two sides are set to meet in court this week following the club’s £300million sale, which owners Hicks and Gillett say ‘undervalued’ the club and was illegal as they had made a last-minute change to the board.
Broughton hit back saying: “This was their last chance to leave Liverpool with their heads held high. It’s a pity they’ve chosen this route. The court will ultimately decide whether the owners were successful.”
Cue a score by Sergio Leone featuring a bloke on a sinister-sounding harmonica.