Imagine you’re walking under a bridge in a nice white T-shirt when a pigeon that’s been feasting on parsley all morning shits on you.

Congratulations you’ve just imagined the design – and the reaction too – Norwich City’s new third kit. The controversial shirt has been rightly lambasted as one of the ugliest monstrosities to grace English football – sandwiched in the top three between Aston Villa’s tartan-coloured travesty of 1993, and Ian Dowie’s face. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the Twitterverse had to say.

“Norwich’s new 3rd kit is possibly the most awful thing I have ever set my eyes upon. And I’ve met your mother.”

“Norwich new third kit inspired by babies bibs…….after they have thrown up.”

“Designed by a two year old finger painter.”

And they’re just the ones we’re legally allowed to print.