Fight to the Death for Match of the DayWhich is better? Watching Sky Sports or Harry Hill’s TV Burp? There’s only one way to find out. Fight!

Sadly for Lloyd Sinclair, not only did he lose out in the fight with his wife to watch football instead of Harry Hill – he was also stabbed to death in the process. Poor old Lloyd was settling in to watch the match when his missus, Leonora, demanded to watch half-an-hour of Hill taking the piss out Emmerdale characters. A fight ensued and Leonora proved victorious after grabbing a kitchen knife, stabbing Lloyd in the leg and severing an artery.

Leonora, from Enfield, said in court that her husband had flipped out first because he wanted to watch football. Sinclair, who had been married twice before, denied stabbing her husband, claiming he must have stabbed himself by accident when he got her in a headlock. She said, “I didn’t stab Lloyd. I did everything possible to save my husband’s life. I treated my husband with respect and dignity. I loved my husband.”

Which might sound slightly more credible if Lloyd hadn’t been 73-years-old at the time while she’s 50. Add the fact that she had viciously attacked him before, once breaking his arm when she pushed him down the stairs, and we’re starting to get a picture of poor old Lloyd’s life of football-less misery.

Dental nurse Leonora was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter after a 2½-week trial. On the plus side, we bet none of the other lags ask her for the remote control when she’s watching TV in prison.