bull_testicle_pizzaA woman in the US was outraged when she realised she had eaten bull testicles at a restaurant.
Dorsey McFadden ordered a Bleu Ball pizza at BlowToad in Carytown, Virginia, which came with “swinging steak” but she didn’t realise that was a made-up name for the animal’s bits.
She explained: “It had a funny name but didn’t think too much about it. Later, I came to find out that the steak was bull testicles.”
Dorsey was “astonished” that the menu did not detail that the pizza was made from bull testicles.
She added: “I was more astonished that they wouldn’t just tell you. It’s not a question of allergies for me, but it’s a question of full disclosure. Certainly I think there are some people who for religious reasons or personal reasons just wouldn’t want to eat that.”

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