USUALLY stories about assorted animals working together to help a beautiful young girl find love are made by Disney and feature a memorable song or two.

But despite ticking all the above boxes, we doubt Disney will be interested in animating this week’s real-life tale of a gerbil, a frog and a donkey who all worked together to help a woman orgasm while a kinky judge wanked himself off.

Acting on a tip off, police raided the home of 46-year-old magistrate Michael Hall who found a collection of extreme pornography – including images of women having sex with a gerbil and a frog. No, we can’t quite work out how they weren’t squashed either.
Also among the 230 photos and 150 videos were images of women engaging in sex acts with horses, a donkey, dogs, and a live snake.

Hall was sentenced to a three-year community order which requires him to spend 144 days completing a programme for sex offenders.