Woman Dials 911 Emergency Over Bad Mug ShotWe’ve all been there, looking at photographs of ourselves, cringing a bit when some aren’t just as good as others, but Tonya Fowler took things a tad too far.

Fowler was so bummed out over her mug shot, taken by the Georgia state police, that she called 911 to report her distress. (Normal!)

Miss Fowler was very surprised and horrified when she saw her face had appeared in the ‘Bad and Busted’ paper for a previous arrest, and was not amused about it.

She contacted 911 operators right away, which is not something to be taken lightly for anything less than a real emergency, thus committing a crime herself.

She was already known to the police, having called 911
before to report that she “needed a place to keep her sleeping bags”.

Police officers arrested her again and a new mug shot was taken.

We’re wondering if she likes her new picture better…

By Julie Hebenstreit

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