whoeversaid facebookwas evilYes ok, so we’re fully aware that Facebook’s primary function is to snoop on your exes and hate on their new squeezes, or to simply tear apart all those goody two-shoes from school who are flaunting their recent engagements whilst you recoil at the pathetic nature of your sad single life whilst you sit around hung over in your pants with last night’s kebab paper on the floor next to you, or merely to use it as a tool for self promotion in a vein attempt to make others feel inadequate – however we may have been wrong. It turns out that there is actually some good to come out of the social network phenomenon that has cost people their jobs, broken down relationships, and reaped the biggest procrastination aid ever known to mankind. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently paid a visit to Newark, the city where he said he would donate $100 million worth of his company’s stock over the next five years. Recounting how his grand mother had been a teacher and how hard his parents worked to give himself and his three sisters a good education, Zuckerberg said he hoped to do the same, not just for thousands of Newark students, but to help create a new model for successful public education that could be replicated nationwide. So fear not you can keep sifting through your ex’s photos guilt free knowing that you’re doing it for the kids!