So, Johnny Depp has lost his model good looks at 52 years old, which means it’s a perfect time for some Johnny Depp jokes!
Johnny Depp joked that he ate his dogs and from the looks of it he actually has.
Johnny Depp used his Edward Scissorhands to eat all the pies.
Johnny Depp has gold teeth and bad hair and he’s not even in costume.
Johnny Depp looks how I feel after too much KFC.
At 25 years old, I can finally say I look better than Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp looked a hot mess at the Black Mass premiere.
If Johnny Depp ever has to walk the plank, at least now he’ll float.
Johnny Depp’s let himself go and put on weight? So he’s the woman in his marriage then.
Never thought I’d fancy Johnny Depp more as Edward Scissorhands.