Virgin Australia Changes“Ladies and Gentleman, if you will look forward, a hot stewardess will be serving you today. So have a good one mate.” According to Virgin Australia, this type of talk won’t be happening on their airline as Virgin are looking to change their more casual image to a more sophisticated and business-like approach. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me!

The stewards and stewardesses are not allowed to address people as “mate” anymore, and the cheeky, sexualised approach of the staff (particularly women) is being toned down to a more upmarket approach. So if you think you are going to get away with a wink and a smile, think again.
Virgin Australia staff members are undergoing etiquette training as well as wine appreciation and body language techniques (yes I’m being serious!) and the staff have been told not to fold their arms as it appears defensive.

So if you’re worried your girlfriend/boyfriend might be flirting with other people and not paying you enough attention, send them to Virgin Australia and your wine will be appreciated for as long as you like (Pun accidentally intended!).

By Jason Barr

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