KFC University CourseStudents could face tougher decisions when picking a Uni course…hmmm Chemistry, Medicine or KFC studies?

Yup, it’s being introduced as an actual BA Hons management course to UK’s De Montfort University in Leicester.

From January 2013 60 KFC managers will be training students to follow in their footsteps, rewarding those who do well with a “meaningful and respectful qualification”.

Martin Shuker, UK & Ireland managing director of KFC, told The Huff Post: “We felt there was a good culture fit between [us at DMU]. The aim is to provide our managers with enhanced skills to do their job.”

The students will embark on a “blended learning” course which allows them to continue working as restaurant managers to earn money on the side. Sort of like a (chicken) sandwich course.
Sounds, erm, finger lickin’ good.

By Anna Tabrah