lesnar vs velasquez UFC promo adCain Velasquez is no stranger to Australian UFC fans. He took the roof off Sydney’s Acer Arena in February with his 2 minute defeat of MMA legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 110.

A two-time All-American collegiate wrestler from Arizona State, Cain holds a purple belt in Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu and is currently undefeated in MMA – not only has he never lost a fight, he’s never lost a round.

His biggest test comes on Sunday when he fights UFC Champion and wrecking machine Brock Lesnar. BBM caught up with Cain to discuss.

You were here in Australia for UFC 110, how does an international event change your training routine?
It’s almost the same, usually when I fight in the U.S they fly us out about five days before the event. In Australia I came in around ten days before to get accustomed with the time zone change. I did that in Germany and now Sydney, it really helped.

How do you prepare for a fight against somebody like Brock – do you study tapes or do you look at their specific technique?
Yeah, I definitely watch film. I get all my trainers and coaches together to watch tapes and we figure out the best way to go into the fight. We have a game plan there and with Brock – I can never think that I’ve done enough [training]. He’s very dangerous and you can never count him out!

This is your first shot at the UFC title, does that linger in your head while training?
Until the official announcement [of the match] is made I didn’t think about it that much. I need to just think about the fight, no matter what is happening around me, go out there and win.

For everybody watching the fight against Brock, what can we expect?
From me? I think I’m an exciting fighter who goes out, performs well and I always bring the fight – there’s never going to be a boring fight with me. So never expect a boring fight because I pride myself on being that exciting fighter.

Good Luck, I’m looking forward to it!
Thankyou very much, we’ll see how it goes.