UFC – Pacquiao Gets The Decision Over Marquez – Again

UFC - Pacquiao Gets The Decision Over Marquez – AgainJust like the first two fights, it was close; just like the first two fights, Juan Manuel Marquez thought he won; and just like the first two fights, the judges disagreed with the Mexican. With scores of 114 -114, 115-113, 116-112 Manny Pacquiao claimed his second victory over Marquez in their trilogy.

When a draw was declared in their first bout in 2004, and Pacquiao was awarded a split decision in the 2008 rematch, Marquez claimed both times that he won and was robbed by the judges – and, again, he feels cheated.

The perceived wisdom going into the fight was that Pacquiao had outgrown Marquez and would KO a guy fighting about 7-9 pounds above his best fighting weight; but Pacquiao spent much of the fight chasing and swinging wildly while Marquez counter-punched effectively. Perhaps the string of lumbering stiffs and old-timers Pacquiao’s been fighting for the last few years was not the best preparation for a man who has always troubled him. Still, you could argue that Pacquiao’s aggression was enough to sneak a decision, so it wasn’t as outrageous as some are making out – but Pacquiao didn’t look like the unstoppable fighting monster he’s been built up to be.

Floyd Mayweather must have been laughing his arse off at home watching – because based on Pacquiao’s performance against Marquez, if he faces Mayweather, he loses every round.

By Peter Simpson