UFC - Jose Aldo KOs Chad Mendes at UFC RioBrazil’s Jose Aldo retained his featherweight championship by knocking out the previously undefeated Chad Mendes at UFC 142 in Rio.

Having never even lost a round in his 11-0 MMA career, Mendes was seen as a serious threat to Aldo’s position atop the division. Entering with his ludicrously named ‘Team Alpha Male’ teammates jumping around and whooping like a bunch of clichéd frat boys from a shitty movie, Mendes appeared confident.

After feeling the power of Aldo’s leg kicks Mendes attempted multiple takedowns with no success, before managing to gain standing back control. All was going (reasonably) well for Mendes until 8 seconds from the end of round 1 when he loosened his grip and Aldo took his chance to spin out of the grapple and KO Mendes with a knee to the face, followed by strikes on the ground.

Referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight at 4.59 of the first round, and Aldo celebrated by sprinting out of the cage and into the crowd, where he was swarmed and eventually carried back to the octagon on their shoulders.

“I was so overcome with emotion that I wanted to celebrate with my people,” said Aldo – who is now 21-1 in his MMA career and on a 14 fight win streak.

It was a spectacular end for one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet, and a sad one for Mendes who suffered the first loss of his career. But c’mon, Team Alpha Male? Also, Mendes’ nickname is ‘Money.’ We’re glad he lost.

By Peter Simpson

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