Rashad Evans v Tito Ortiz

A lot has changed since their last fight, where the then-undefeated Evans escaped with a draw. Rashad will be annoyed that a title fight has been changed to a non-title grudge match with nothing on the line, and you’ve got to wonder how that will affect his performance. Ortiz, on the other hand, has nothing to lose and is still in amazing shape from his dominant victory last month. While Tito is paying $4 to win, he shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s quite possible he’ll be digging Rashad’s grave at the end of the night.

Vitor Belfort v Yoshihiro Akiyama

A friend of BBM’s, Akiyama is in a must-win situation here after two consecutive losses. How will the threat of being cut fire him up? Only ‘Sexyama’ knows the answer. He’s got a tough mountain to climb, however, going against a ridiculously talented striker in Belfort, who can put together crushing blows at blinding speed. Akiyama is going to find it difficult to takedown Vitor and, unless the Japanese star is able to frustrate him in the first few rounds, ‘Sexyama’ will be knocked out of the UFC or atleast the Middleweight division.


By Ben Harlum

UFC 133 airs Sunday at your local bar, pub or on Main Event.