TV Weatherman Has a Tantrum on Live TV A TV weatherman yesterday decided to vent his anger at the ineptitude of his bosses by storming off live on air.

Henry DiCarlo of Los Angeles’ KTLA news station was performing an interview at a local Salvation Army centre when producers asked him to do a weather report.

Di Carlo began the report, however stopped mid sentence to throw his rattle out of the pram:

“You know what? It’s so interesting. I’m in the communications business and it seems like there’s so little communication.”

He carried on: “When you send a weatherman out to do the weather and you also want him to do a story, you might want to give him a little time, but that’s just me,’ he told the audience.

“Anyway, so we don’t have time to do weather folks. I’m just doing what I’m told and that was to do an interview.

So I’ll tell you what, we’ll have somebody else do the weather. We’ll send it back to you in the studio.”
At that point DiCarlo stormed off camera with an exasperated look on his chops.

His colleagues didn’t try to hide their shock:

“Wow! Did Henry DiCarlo just have a fit on live TV?” host Chris Schauble asked. “Maybe we’ll give him a little cheese to go with that whine out there.”

Check out DiCarlo’s strop here:

Tsk… It would never happen at the BBC.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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