Thieves steal skin eating microbesSome crooks who thought they could make some easy money from some discarded medical equipment may have a lot more than they bargained for on their hands.

On May 3rd 2012 a pickup truck pulled up to an enclosed area of the Florida Hospital Center for Diagnostic Pathology where some machines had been left near the bins. They loaded up their loot and made a getaway with around $500,000 of goods probably intending to sell it for scrap.

What they didn’t know though, was that the equipment is contaminated with a substance that could eat away human skin. It is quite likely that they learned it the hard way. Amongst the stolen goods were a slide stainer and specimen analyzer full of vials.

You can sort of forgive the criminals for not knowing what they were dealing with, but what we’re wondering is why the hell are the people who know what this stuff is and what it’s worth leaving it lying around!

So, basically watch out people of Florida, flesh eating bacteria could be coming to a face near you very shortly.

By Lewis Roe

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