Bradley Wiggins KnackeredWe here at BBM would like to congratulate Bradley Wiggins for his Tour de France victory, the first Brit ever to do it. Huzzah! Take that you French cocks! ?And what a role model for Britain’s youngsters. Not only has he proven what can be achieved through sheer guts, determination and ambition (not like that Scotch loser Andy Murray – twat), he’s also come up with some Dalai Lama style quotes to inspire us in our endeavours through life.? So to celebrate Wiggins’ fine achievement, and to highlight why we think he is someone kids everywhere should look up to, we’ve compiled some of his best quotes from over the course of the Tour.? Take it away Bradley. Children take note.

Bradley on online critics: “I say they’re just fucking wankers. I cannot be doing with people like that. It justifies their own bone-idleness because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to do anything in their lives. It’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter and write that sort of shit, rather than get off their arses in their own lives and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something. And that’s ultimately it. C*nts.”

Bradley on becoming famous: “You get really good at ignoring people and it is an incredible bubble to be in, but in a nice way. I remember Keith Richards saying ‘with a gram of smack, you can walk through anything. I’m not going to adhere to that, but you can understand why they used to – it’s not really reality.”

Bradley on what his late father would think of his win: “I don’t know, really – it’s difficult to say, it depends whether he was sober.”

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