FOLLOWING the death of her elderly mother, Mary Tetley used her £10,000 inheritance to help ease the grief the only way she knew how – by blowing it all on a three-month chocolate binge. We’re sure it’s what she would have wanted.
Fat bitch Mary (right), who put on two stones, ate her way round Europe’s choccie hotspots, including Belgium, Switzerland and France.
“Chocolate has always been my all-consuming passion. I was eating at least 12 luxury sweets every day. It was pure bliss,” said Mary, while tugging a chain attached to Princess Leia in a gold bikini and licking her chin with a giant slobering tongue.
Predictably the mum of one, from Denbigh, North Wales, is now opening her own chocolate shop.
She said: “Mum told me to live my dream and that’s what I’ve done.”
Coronary problems anyone? We get the feeling her daughter might be receiving an inheritance of her own very soon.