The Special OneBarcelona has been dubbed as the team that play such entertaining football. If by entertaining they mean players being melodramatic, then after El Clasico three Barcelona win hands down. Too often Barcelona has been put on a pedestal in the football world. They portray this image that they are they are the ‘good guys’ of football, have a great youth academy that produce great talent. What rarely ever makes the news is that Barcelona also knows how to cheat.

The Special One was the only person bold enough to suggest it. He may have gone too far with his comments, but this is the Special One and he has always known to speak his mind.

Many say Barcelona is the best team in the world. Sure they do have talent, but if they were the best team, then they would not have to turn to theatrics on the field. Never has BBM seen a player roll all over the ground, claiming he needs help from medical staff, to be taken out on the stretcher. But, was running back on the pitch seconds later. Shame on you Dani Alves, he should know who needs help in this world, especially when your jersey has the words UNICEF.

BBM are not saying Real Madrid is innocent either, but at least this club does not claim to be good guys in football. In fact they take pride on their image as the team that buys players and likes the party lifestyle. Memories of a certain David Beckham’s time there come to mind.

If miracles do not happen, we can expect a Manchester United and Barcelona final. At least Sir Alex has a player to match Barcelona’s theatrics, his name is Nani, get within ten meters of him and he will be the one rolling around. BBM cannot wait to see Barcelona get a taste of their own medicine.

– by Lorna Evio