image of killing babyBritain‘s excuses for murder are wearing thin these days with a man in Bristol claiming he had ‘post-natal depression’ as a defence for killing his six-month-old daughter.

We’re all for gender equality, we like it when girls drink beer, we even let the new secretary change the channel in the office the other day, but this is a bit of a stretch.

Mark Bruton-Young claims to have been ‘left out’ after the baby was born and was jealous of the mother-daughter relationship the dribbling, vomiting, child had with his wife.

A lesson to the googlers among you – the prosecution of the case searched Bruton-Young’s work computer history and found searches (dating from the month Harriett was born) such as “how quickly can a baby suffocate” and “signs of deliberate suffocation”. You really do have to be specific to get the results you want.

The case will be tried for the next three weeks in Bristol Crown Court, until then Bruton-Youngs should try googling ‘buggery’, ‘prison bitch’ and ‘security camera blind-spots in UK prisons.’