GODHE’S managed clubs all over Europe but there’s one thing you can guarantee about a team coached by Jose Mourinho – it will always take second place to his ego.
So no sooner was he through the door at Real Madrid than he was singing his own praises and bleating on about how brilliant he’ll be. Par for the course really.
At his first press conference, when asked if he was a defensive coach, Mourinho said: “It’s one thing to be organised, another to be defensive. When a team is organised, they defend well.
“When a team is organised they can play. A team that plays with many attacking players and play well defensively, a team that plays with Goran Pandev, Samuel Eto’o, Gabi Milito, Wesley Sneijder, Thiago Motta plays with five attacking players. But they defend well.
“Why do they defend well? Because the manager is a great manager.”
Arrogant and with a ‘win any way possible’ attitude, we’re still amazed Jose never adapted to the Italian way of life.
He continued: “It’s interesting being called defensive. I have played three finals of European competitions.
“We won all three games and scored eight goals. Once a lie is repeated many times, for intelligent people this lie is always a lie. For the not-intelligent it becomes the truth. Luckily in football there are more people who are intelligent than not.
“For that reason I managed teams like Porto, Chelsea, Inter and now Real Madrid. That lie continues to be a lie.”
Sounds like he’s being a bit defensive about all this.