BBM Towers can’t wait for Euro 2012 to kick off, we genuinely think it’s a going to be a truly eye-popping spectacle and you can guarantee we’ll be glued to the television.

But it’s got nothing to do with the football, we’ve just heard that there’s going to be a shit load of hot topless girls at each game jiggling their tits about as part of a feminist protest.

The topless activists of the Femen women’s rights group have made it clear that their presence – and their tits – will be felt at the tournament.

Anna Hutsol, the group’s main spokeswoman, is warning of a blitz of stunts to dramatise Femen’s view that Euro 2012 will only fuel prostitution and the Ukraine’s sex industry. How hot girls getting their tits out helps the fight against demeaning women is a bit of a baffler to us but we’re certainly not complaining.

“We are going to do everything we can to interrupt and disrupt, to break up these (Euro) events,” Anna said. “I can’t give you concrete details. But we’ll be staging all sorts of strikes – at stadiums and alongside, at press conferences and at cup ceremonies, everywhere … Of course, we’ll be going to Poland, too,”

Femen has already fired its first shots. Last month, 23-year-old hotty Yulia Kovpachyk loped up the ramp of an open-air exhibition where the Euro 2012 trophy was on public display, ostensibly to be photographed alongside it like hundreds of other sightseers.

She then pulled down her shirt to reveal the words “Fuck Euro 2012” – Femen’s slogan – etched in black paint across her torso.
She was seized by security guards, but not before she had grabbed hold of the cup.

“Yulia got the usual fine of 119 hryvnias (nearly $15) for the administrative offence of hooliganism,” said Anna. “But, of course, we don’t pay these fines.”

Great stuff Anna, but a word of warning to BBM readers thinking of having a cheeky wank as they watch the coverage – there’s a chance they cut to Craig Foster just as your about to shoot your load. That’s the sort of thing that scars a man.

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