teachers call students inbredA group of primary school teachers in Hull are being investigated by School Governers for stating the obvious. An exchange of messages between three teachers at a school in the arsehole of England (Hull) over facebook was posted around the school for all to see, much to their embarrassment. The facebook chat was said to have been started by teacher Stuart Clark, who wrote that he was ‘fed up’ with bumping into children in town. This was followed with retorts from another teacher Nyanza Roberts who wrote, ‘inbreeding must damage brain development’, and then Jane Johnson who posted, ‘Massive queue of Westcott year 5/6 kids in poundland! x.’ Apparently parents are furious that they had to explain to their children what ‘inbred’ meant, but it’s fair to assume they’re most likely more upset about being exposed for inbreeding, as clearly the teachers are well educated and can spot an inbred when they see one, or twenty in the case of Hull.