Is your team down in the dumps? Manager sacked? Relegation scrap looming? A striker who’s  scored seven goals in two years?
That’s right Sunderland supporters, we’re talking about you. But luckily for Mackems everywhere, unprolific striker, Steven Fletcher, has reached out to the fans with a message of hope. He’s responded to the critics who say footballers are out of touch with the game’s grassroots in the only way he knows how – by buying himself a £260,000 Lamborghini Aventador and posting a picture of himself smiling next to it on Twitter.
The fact there was also a £160,000 Bentley sat in his driveway behind the Lamborghini made the photo all the more delightful for long-suffering fans of the Black Cats.
And for the cherry on the top, it came not long after Sunderland’s 4-0 home humiliation at the hands of fellow strugglers Aston Villa.
Way to alienate your supporters, Steve. We’re not sure why he didn’t just post a picture of himself sucking off Alan Shearer and have done with it.
“This is where the Sky money goes, into mediocre players’ pockets while lower league clubs can barely afford their academy,” a suspiciously articulate Sunderland fan told the Daily Star.
Luckily, Steven’s agent, Scott Fisher, was on handto clear up the mess.
“It wasn’t Steven that put the picture up,” he said.“The company who were doing advertising on it done it.”
So what he’s basically saying (in very bad English) is there’s nothing wrong with a shit footballer buying himself a ludicrously expensive car when his turd of a team are floating around the rim of the Premier League flush zone, so long as no one finds out about it. And agents wonder why they get such a bad press.