David Jonathan Winkelman, from Iowa, was listening to the hard rock station KORB with his stepbrother Richard Goddard, when the presenter announced anyone willing to permanently etch the logo of the station on their forehead would be in for a six-figure sum. Being a complete pair of numpties, they headed down to their nearest tat parlour and got the rather fetching tattoo emblazoned across his forehead. However when they found our that the competition had been a practical joke, they tried to sue the radio station, claiming, that it had intended to permanently mark its listeners so they ‘could be publicly scorned and ridiculed for their greed and lack of common good sense’.  Well, gutted for them as when Winkelman was arrested his mugshot found its way on to the internet, so he could be publicly scorned and ridiculed for his greed and lack of common sense, much to our own amusement.