Everyone is having a pissy this week because of the new swim-suits which have led to world records falling at the World Swimming Championships quicker than Peaches Geldof‘s knickers on a night out in Camden. Super fast.
FINA, the governing body for swimming has banned the high-tech suits that many of the athletes wear, effective from nest year.
The LZR is a 50 per cent polyurethane swimsuit which caused controversy in 2008 as a series of world records were set by swimmers wearing it.
Since it was unveiled in February that year, 135 long and short course world records have been broken. BBM hasn’t seen that many records get broken since the time we got rudely pissed at Pete Tong’s house and fell over on his decks.

Tour a ding dong with Armstrong

CYCLING: Lance Armstrong is all bollocks, according to his team-mate Alberto Contador. Okay, he didn’t use those exact words. But we saw it in his eyes.
The Tour de France winner has said that it was a bloody nightmare working with Armstrong. Probably, because the American was buried into his phone typing out Twitter messages every two bloody seconds.
“My relationship with Lance Armstrong is zero,” Contador told a news conference in Madrid.
“He is a great rider but it is another thing on a personal level, where I have never had great admiration for him and I never will.”
“The situation was tense and delicate because the relationship between myself and Lance extended to the rest of the staff,” he said.
“On this Tour, the days in the hotel were harder than the those on the road.”
Considering the poor bastard has spent most of the last month cycling up and down mountains that is a pretty damning assessment of Armstrong’s personality.

Nightmare crash leaves Massa driving career in doubt

FORMULA ONE: Felipe Massa might never race again after a piece of debris flew up from the track and smashed into his face at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
During the qualifying, a spring from Rubens Barrichello’s car struck his helmet and caused him to crash.
“We don’t know if he’ll be able to race again. It’s too early to say about his future,” said surgeon Robert Veres after emergency surgery on the racer’s head.
“But the immediate life-threatening condition has been averted.”
Massa’s left eye has suffered damage which may prevent him from driving again.

• “WHEN I was a boy I listened to my parents because what better example can you get than your parents?” – Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov explains the importance of having good role models. Psst, wasn’t his Dad convicted of rape? (No shitting you).

•”MY WIFE does not want to speak to me as she has yet to join me in Nigeria. I love Kano people, Kano players, but my wife is very important to me. The club have to get her visa. No more empty promises. They must respect my contract and ensure my wife joins me here” – Slovenian coach Ivan Sajh threatens to walk out on employers Kano Pillars unless they sort out his wife’s entry visa application.

• “HE’S one of those players you’ll stand naked in the snow to watch” – RTE commentator Martin Carney after Paul Finlay scored a point for Monaghan against Derry. Fair enough.

•”HOW do I justify picking Jonny Wilkinson? Seventy caps, two World Cup finals and X amount of points. That’s the sort of player you are going to favour slightly” – England rugby coach Martin Johnson on selecting Wilkinson in his elite squad despite the player spending the last 10 months out injured.

• “I’VE waited 10 years to get the new ball!” – A jubilant Andrew Flintoff after his match-winning, five-wicket performance at Lord’s.