Dog Days In South KoreaNow I know McDonalds sell Cow and KFC do chickens, but eating dog meat just sounds pretty wrong on every level. I mean look at the photo, how could you want to eat that? Dog is supposed to be man’s best friend, which adds insult to injury, but men in South Korea do not sea dog as a best friend but more of a treat.

A traditional “Dog Days of Summer” on a tuesday in South Korea is to eat dog meat to increase their stamina and ease the heat on their bodies. The holiday has been a tradition since, well, probably when the dinosaurs were around! But protests have taken place against the tradition, with many protesters packing themselves into barbed wire to go against the horrid tradition.

Reports say that Seoul is going the longest period of time above 35 degrees Celsius, and more dog meat was purchased last Tuesday than any other year. So clearly things aren’t working for the protestors, so I think it’s time to screen Cats and Dogs or Dr Dollitle to these mofos, that’ll get the tears rolling.

By Jason Barr

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