candeleda bus of single womenCandeleda, a Spanish town of with a population of just 6,000 on the banks of the picturesque Lobera River, hosted a weekend fiesta to welcome 68 single women to meet the villages men.

Asocamu, is group that was set up in 1995 to promote rural re-population by organising parties for single men and women. The lure of city life means that many small villages are under threat of abandonment unless the number of residents grows.

Candeleda has been inhabited for some 5,000 years as shown by ancient cave painting.
Resident Jose Miguel (67) said he would hate to see its population dwindle after such a long history. “I’ve checked out the few widows and single women here. I signed up for this to meet new ladies and to hopefully show them the beauty of my town.”

One of the women, Blanca Fernandez, 52, works in Madrid and was attracted by the idea of a nice day out and a chance for romance. “I know it’s difficult to find the love of one’s life, but some of these meetings have led to marriages.”

We’re yet to find the phone number we need to order our own bus load of desperate women, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get it.

By Lewis Roe

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