Paintball For Fat PeopleIf like us you avoid the gym like the plague but have the odd spare tyre going on, there might be a solution – In the form of paintball!

The latest craze in the fitness freak world is to combine a game of paintballing with a fat-busting work out. are a first of their kind and hope to encourage fatties into activity by providing an assault course challenge which is completed while dodging paintballs.

“Often all people need to start an exercise regime is a little encouragement, and what better motivation is there than being shot at?” a company spokesman told the Metro,
And they will be taking no prisoners, by removing most of the normal obstacles to ensure there is nothing to hide behind and encourage people to keep running.

“There will be several shooters in place and so it’s unlikely any of those involved will be in a safe area for too long, which, combined with wanting to avoid getting hit, should result in a lot of running around, shedding hundreds of calories in the process,” the spokesman continued.

“Getting hit by a paintball can really sting and so I’m sure anyone who takes a shot will be even keener to avoid the next one, which will hopefully enable them to burn even more calories.”

Sounds pretty fun. We might give it a go – and then go for a beer and burger after.

By Anna Tabrah

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