Seal Breaks into House Through CatflapA New Zealand woman who heard an “awful racket” in her home was the victim of a break in… By a seal.

The seal crawled out of the sea, along a main road and up a driveway, eventually making himself at home after entering Annette Swoffer’s cat flap.

“I thought one of the cats had brought back a rabbit or something, so I went down to look – and there’s a seal in my kitchen!”

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) didn’t seem to believe Ms Swoffer, despite officials having been called out earlier that day following a seal sighting on a different road, where it ended up in a residential garden, scaring elderly residents.

The seal was eventually coaxed into a net and then released into the nearby harbour.

Ms Swoffer said the pup was “really friendly” and not aggressive, unusually for a seal.

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